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roll over. guess what? another toyota recall. i'm brian wilson, headquarter headquarte headquarter, live from the nation -- america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital right now. across europe and around the world, air travel is grinding to a halt because of the icelandic volcano that continues to build smoke and ash thousands of feet in the air. the situation is even threatening to scuddle the president's plans to attend the funeral of polish president lech kaczynski. only 5,000 flights in the air over europe today. on a normal day, there would be almost five times that number. our own greg palkot is one of the thousands of stranded travelers. greg is stuck in dubai because his flight to europe was canceled like most of the other flights bound there. greg, what is the latest with travelers and flight schedules where with you are? >> hey, brian. we're stranded like tens of thousands of others around the world, thanks to the volcanic ash cloud across europe. we were traveling back from an assignment in yemen and hoping to transit today to london through this major ai
very much. >>> and hits keep coming for toyota. a voluntary recall of minivans. the company says a spare tire may come loose and fall on to the road creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. this recall applies to all minivans bought between 1998 and 2010. if you own one of those vehicles bring it to a dealer for inspection. in the past few months, toyota has recalled over 8 million vehicles worldwide. >> the crew of the space shuttle had s heading home to earth closing it's hatches and undocking from the international space station. during the mission astronauts did three spacewalks including one to install a new ammonia tank. they are set to return to earth monday morning, depending on the weather. >> gregg: former new york congressman eric massa saying someone forged a $40,000 check to his chief of staff. federal campaign records now show that the check was written to joe lacalto before massa resigned suddenly last month. massa is saying that it was based on misrepresentations to campaign officials. he is among several staffers accusing the former congressman of sexual
. laura ingle, thank you very much. the national traffic highway safety administration may slap toyota with greater fines on top of the $16.4 million assessed over the defective accelerator pedals. they say the car maker should be on the hook for $14 billion in penalties except that there is a legal limit on the individual fines against what is set. >>> another tough week for toyota. we learned retired executive wrote an e-mail at toyota saying we need to come clean over defective gas pedals and it was apparently written before the problem was revealed to the u.s. government officials. irve miller was a toyota public affairs vice president, 30-year veteran of the company a few days short of retirement when he wrote an e-mail to japanese counterparts on january 16 of this year. i hate to break this to you, but we have a tendency for mechanical failure in accelerator pedals for a certain manufacturer on certain models. we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. the time to hide on this one is over. we need to come clean." noting the key toyota executives were about to mee
for having me. >> the hits keep coming for toyota. the company announcing a voluntary recall of 870,000 mini vans in the united states and also in canada. the company says the spare tire may come loose and fall onto the road, creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. the recall applies to all sienna mini vans bought between 1998 and 2010. it's a fairly long span there. if you own one of these vehicles, you have to bring it to a dealer for inspection. that's what they suggest. by the way, in the past few months, toyota recalled over 8 million vehicles world wide. >>> all right. now my favorite story of the day, new york city's oldest library cutting one of the nation's founding fathers a little bit of slack. if george washington were around today, he would owe over 220 years of late fees on two books that he borrowed. but the head of the new york society of libraries says they'll look the other way this time. they say. the books were due back november 1789, while president washington was still president. >> there is no excuse. >> in the ledger, it's signed out t says president. >> it'
of -- hundreds of class action lawsuits against toyota will be heard in a courtroom in california. toyota has recalled 8 1/2 million vehicles nationwide since november. problems from sticking accelerator pedals to brake failures. >>> suspicious white powder found in a census form in the state of maryland. the form coming to a billing in essex that processes the census. officials did not know what the substance is but it is being tested now. one person taken to the hospital. officials are not saying what symptoms that individual may have h >>> massive gas explosion demolishing a new jersey home down to its foundation. a contractor was working at the site when somebody in the crew broke a gasline. the fire department was call. the house literally blew up. thankfully, nobody was inside at the time. several people on the block did suffer minor injuries. the chimney of that home next door was knocked off. >>> an avalanche in washington state sweeping away a skier. the 28-year-old man was skiing yesterday when the avalanche hit, catching him in the fast moving snow and slamming him into a tree. sea
may be able to help. . >> brian: get more trouble for toyota, the largest auto maker is recalling unreported number of vehicles sold in brazil over the past two years. brazilian consumer protection officials complain that the flormats pose a safety threat blocking accelerator pedals. toyota says it's going along with brazil's decision and denies they've done anything wrong. more than 8.5 million toyota vehicles recalled worldwide because of safety problems. >>> new fundraising reports show democrats outraise republicans in march. the three democratic campaign committees, d.n.c., d.s.c.c., and the dccc raised $29 million in the month. major republican committees raised $24 million in this key mid-term election year. >>> one thing is for sure, democrats and republicans both are still putting the party in political party. correspondent james rosen hit the town to show us where a lot of the big donor contributions are going! >> reporter: plush hotel, corporate jet, elaborate floral arrangeles, not the things you associate with winning elections but the forms show the democratic and re
these things, you could end up with a situation like you have with toyota. someone doesn't speak up against it in a way to get some results, you're going to end on the pages of "wall street journal". >>> i think it's idealistic, that teaching ethics will eradicate improper people, but i'm optimistic is what we're going to see enough individuals that are doing positive things that is going to end up, sadly not making the events disappear but put them in a proper context. >> he hopes it will curb future disasters in the world of business. >> gregg: jonathan, thanks. with all the developments in the sec scandal, goldman sachs case, we know a lot are checking foxnews.com and now there is a new appfor that. all you on have to do beginning monday, iphone users have faster access to broadband to iphone app. just one tap, you get an instant access to america's number one cable news network. >>> a developing situation, we've been telling but the tornados, severe storms moving across the southeastern region. they are moving southeast and we'll have the latest after the commercial break and controvers
of the list. even with recent gains withford and taking on toyota, joining detroit the worst -rs of the worse, st. louis, missouri at number 49. ph*eupl, sunshine, no warmth for job seekers, it is number 48. las vegas, a real gamble for jobless at number 47 and riverside california with ten people competing for every help-wanted ad. now, not all the news is grim. take a look at the top five major cities, easiest nation to get a job. hartford connecticut, three people vying for every job add and believe it or not, with call street close, the big apple. baltimore, maryland takes the next spot, washington d.c. at number two, uncle sam is a big hirer and one person per advertised job. chances are things will only get better with more government bureaucracy, a boom town. drum roll, please. now the easiest city to find a job. technology tops these days in hiring. san jose in silicon valley is the best spot to be without a job. it is just about even with the nation's capitol for job seekers vying for a job, one to one. >> and i would vote for their weather over what we had this year so if you are in
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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